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Whistle is a Testament to the Passion for Collecting Good Design


As a kid growing up in small-town in Texas I preferred hunting at vintage shops over softball or football practice, and it showed. My bedroom was distinctly different from the rest of my house. Object groupings were debated, window sills became improvised galleries, and guests were encouraged to look in my bedroom for its incongruity in an otherwise standard Texan home. 

By the time I moved to Austin in the mid-1990's my interest in twentieth-century decor was established, fed primarily through academic books on industrial design and architecture. This disposition was cultivated in city antique shops where I visually identified coveted design motifs and themes.


In the late 1990's I moved to New York City where my insight broadened considerably. The Village offered up all breeds of decor, and weekend outdoor markets lured with amazing curiosities. As online shopping established itself, my browsing and buying habits in the city evolved. 

Through this continued evolution, one motto has kept me centered in the collecting process. It may seem cliché, but "buy what you love" is a simple and fail-safe rule to follow, to have fun and grow without regret. 

It is with this truth that I hope Whistle inspires, and brings beauty into your world.

- N Briseño